Finding Balance in Life


The Grief and Loss Workshops, since their inception in 1986, have drawn participants from all walks of life, sharing the common goal of increasing self-awareness. Personal growth and development is an on-going process, hopefully one that is life long. Participants as young as 18 and as old as 80 have all benefitted.

We view grief and loss in the broadest of terms. Participants who attend this workshop for current losses (death, separation/divorce, addiction, burnout, a nagging sense of un-fulfillment, for ex.) often find that these losses trigger earlier unresolved wounds. Having the opportunity to grieve related losses brings deeper insight and compassion, opening a clearer path to current and future relationships.

Our goal is to provide the tools to process hurt and loss as it occurs, which helps us to live more fully in the present moment. The workshop teachings help us avoid expressing our distorted emotions (resentment, blame, envy, generalized anxiety) by reclaiming our natural healthy emotions. We learn to take responsibility for our feelings rather than acting them out. In this way, we avoid projecting negativity and judgment on those we love and care about.

This Workshop is not intended to be the ‘end’ of your journey. However, many past participants have shared with us that they have experienced a new awareness and empowerment, and often accelerated growth, in their personal journey.