We are proud to have received these compliments from former participants …whom it has been an honor and privilege to help.

Dear Colleagues,

As a therapist in private practice for more than 25 years, I have found the Growth and Transition Workshops to be an invaluable adjunct to individual therapy for clients. Not only have I requested that patients trying to heal an old wound attend these workshops, but after seeing what participants achieved, I became a facilitator. For the last eight years, my clients have found the Growth and Transition / Grief and Loss workshop to be a powerful and transformative experience that deepens the process of individual therapy.

The experiential process provides a unique format wherein the client can discover his/her own ability to tolerate and explore feelings of loss, grief, shame, and confusion, and discover the strength and courage to grow through their losses.

As only group process can do, the discovery that we are not alone with our pain provides the courage to move through the fear of going deeper into self, helps clients become “unstuck”, and teaches compassion through commonality of experience.

I have found this workshop experience often deepens the clients’ commitment to therapy as what they have learned about themselves is integrated into the individual therapy process. The client brings back new discoveries and experiences unique to
the group process. These newly surfaced emotions can then be further explored in future individual therapy sessions. With the client’s permission, the workshop staff shares their insights and observations, adding to the therapeutic process.

I encourage you to find out more about the Growth and Transition Workshop, and how it may benefit your clients. i also invite you to find out how you can become a facilitator yourself, thus being involved in every step of your client’s growth and

Sharon Burnett, PhD Los Angeles, California

I’ve been to several workshops with Anne, Larry, and other staff over the years. Each weekend I learn new things about myself, moving me closer to my goal of healthy relationships with those I love, and with myself.


…Awesome!.. So important for me to have a safe place to process the grief in my personal life, so that I can be a more effective caregiver in my professional life. Thank you, Anne and Larry

Julia Tucson, AZ

This workshop changed my life!


Whether you want to manage burnout, become unstuck, or challenge yourself to move to a new level… Anne and Larry are your guides… They confidentially provide paths for each person to meet, argue, or wrestle with their own doubts and demons… moving you toward a freer, more joyous self…

Judith, NYC

The ‘Little One’ inside me feels joyful, validated by my really hearing her for the first time.